Friday, August 27, 2010


Since when does anyone want to watch Bristol Palin? She may be spun sugar but why did Dancing With the Stars hire her? I'm already asleep. This makes me want to commit a drastic act. How can Dish ever compete? I console myself that Lindsay Lohan is back on the streets and will, no doubt, give tabloids something to write about. I can hear the stillness before all hell breaks loose.

Speaking of hell: In the world of Dish, the past few months have been marked by evil. We all come across losers, but more obnoxious are the angry ones who live to spew on happy people. They drain your energy and suck precious oxygen, kicking you like Hotch kicked Dr. Reid on an episode of Criminal Minds. To all these angry losers who enjoy making others feel bad: Blow it out your kazoos.

I know, very Un-Julia, except for when she wore that mean T-shirt while Danny was trying to get divorced.

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