Monday, August 02, 2010

I Understand, Julia

In the course of life, one must accept certain things:

Death comes to all of us. As does weight gain once you hit 40. The creators of South Park are insane geniuses...and Julia Roberts must have fallen prey to Botox. I've been naive this whole time, but no more. She just looks too amazing in those trailers for Eat Pray Love. I forgive Julia for I might have done the same. Three kids, a career, and a hot husband do not make one younger. Julia has to be sleep-deprived, under pressure, and hoping to find the best possible projects. It's okay, Jules. I'm no one, therefore I eat a hot fudge sundae for you.

In other news: Miss New York, Claire Buffie, is running on platform of gay rights. Finally some enlightenment in the pageant. Now we just need a gay Miss USA/America, though I'm afraid Donald Trump probably wouldn't want someone who is unable to f*ck him. Well, count most intelligent girls in on that one.

Speaking of Gay Miss USA, James "Dawson" Van Der Beek is married again after finalizing his divorce in March. Lindsay Lohan was released from jail but will rehab for 90 days. Sometimes, you have to take a year off from life. Though, career-wise, she's been out of it for a good 7 years. Okay, 10.

Everyone is abandoning Brothers & Sisters, though I'm still on board if Sally Field is. Let's just call it The Nora Walker Show.


Anonymous said...

Julia surely has three nannies--one for each little treasure. Why does Dish think J is sleep deprived?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so self-deprecating, Dish. You're the tops, you're the Mona Lisa!

HersheyKiss said...

I don't think the Nora Walker will miss a beat without Rob Lowe or Balthazar Getty. In SideKick's and my mind, they contributed very little. Sally Field has some kind of magic power, if you think about it. The show's more ridiculous and dull than not, yet Sally is the glue that holds it together and makes it delightful. I mean .. the French artist lover who magically gets a green card? The whining boy couple who want a baby (why? why? why??)? The boo-hoo, I screwed up the family business? But in walks Nora, and all is right with the world of Ojai.

Dish Upon a Star said...

Hershey, you are a font of delight yourself!