Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Switch

Dish has always been on Team Aniston for no reason. The simple truth is that she is likable to me, but...I'm not sure I can tolerate another bad comedy, even with the lure of Jason Bateman. The Switch looks like a steamer with actors who excelled in sit-coms. Plus, didn't J.Lo just do The Back-Up Plan? Hollywood sure loves the whole over-35-gotta-have-a-baby thing. Women are the must-have audience but we're not stupid. Aniston needs Dish to pick her projects for her, her agent fired.

This Saturday night, TG and I continue our obsession with Criminal Minds. We've begun Season 3 and are sobbing over the loss of Mandy Patinkin. We heard last night that he was a huge diva and fired from the show. Jason Gideon made us ache, cry, scream with triumph as cases were solved, bodies buried, and a few innocent victims delivered home safely. How is it that Mandy's a dick when he's got this juicy (bloody) material? Am placing all my hopes on the Goddess Garcia and Dr. Reid--our second choice for fave.

Update: A Dish reader corrected me and said Mandy wasn't fired but quit of his own volition. Thank goodness because now TG and I can worship his work without reservation. (though, Dishbrother hates him, probably b/c jealous he got to work with Patti LuPone in Evita).

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dishBrother said...

Dishbrother doesn't really hate Mandy, even though he is a scenery chewer.