Thursday, August 12, 2010

I May Seem a Bit Confused But, Honey, I've Got You Pegged!

It's true: severe OMP Kelsey Grammer has knocked up his 29 y.o. British air hostess GF in a classic ditch-the-old-wife-for-a-newer-model. It's so sad what happens to people when their hit shows go off the air. Then again, Camille may be celebrating that she doesn't have to live with Frasier anymore. Let's hope happily ever after happens for everyone involved.

Alanis Morrisette is also pregnant. From going down in a theater to God to the naked suit to motherhood. We love this montage!

TG just confused Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. Epic sin, but cute. I'm now going to confuse Flaubert with Proust. Didn't they co-write Bovary's Way?


Anonymous said...

Someone once had the audacity to compare the Grateful Dead to Shakespeare in my 11th grade English class. The teacher said that Shakespeare had longevity and the Dead did not. Proust and Flaubert will be around for a lot longer than Julia or Sandra, Baby!!!

Dish Upon a Star said...

Ladies and gentleman, my future husband, TG.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Just try to mess with the Julia. Just try.