Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dish Does Not Use Steroids to Fuel Her Celebrity Brain

I saw a poster for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long's new movie Going the Distance. Haven't they learned that real-life couples in movies generally bomb? The only reason I might Netflix it is for Christina Applegate, who is a delight as the funny straight-talking best friend (The Sweetest Thing).

As TG makes TGcat run around the apartment for exercise, I'm thinking about Roger Clemens, who's being charged with perjury. I'd been warned of his Howard Roark traits, but defended him through his Yankee years, especially as he pitched during a bout of the stomach flu. Now much older, I appreciate the Peter Keatings more than the Howard Roarks. I really hate The Fountainhead twenty years later. Seems more a book one loves in one's twenties. A-holes just plain suck.


HersheyKiss said...

Perhaps Going the Distance will buck the trend. I mean, JoHo and Ben Affleck were doomed from the start. Justin and Drew are just so darn delightful and adorable, I think it might work. SideKick even expressed an interest in seeing it on the big screen, rather than in the red mailing envelope.

Dish Upon a Star said...

Let me know how it is!