Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Tired Fiancés

TG and I are exhausted from life--so much wedding, drama, work and not enough Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and cupcakes from Kitchenette. We're (He's) cooking turkey chili and escaping the world with Criminal Minds. But before that, I must report some peculiar news.

Apparently, two stars of Glee, Mohawk and Slutty Brunette, were dating but something happened JUST IN TIME FOR THE NEW SEASON. Actors, PR, Agents, Producers are brilliant in how they orchestrate these dramas.

Just when you'd fallen into a peaceful sleep, John Mayer opened his yap again--excessively--though this time, I kinda agree with him. The Huffington Post reported on rumors that he and Aniston were dating again (What's wrong with their hooking up from time to time? Maybe that's all they want!) and he skewered them. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, I came to loathe HuffPo, though I admit to grazing the site often.

In the vein of decaying old men, French acting legend Gerard Depardieu maligned Juliette Binoche, calling her "nothing." Il est très fatte.


Anonymous said...

Depardieu!? We didn't know that Dish majored in ancient history.

J.J. said...

Gerard Depardieu spent his entire career playing the same guy over and over. Now this guy did have some charm, but after way too long the world woke up to the boredom he created and he faded into oblivion.
No one cares what he thinks, he's fat and washed up! how dare he dis a goddess???

Dish Upon a Star said...

He's just a fat misogynist.

Anonymous said...

Depardieu was brilliant in his roles opposite Queen Latifah and Andi McDowell. Should have won Oscars. He was big, cuddly, and garlicky.