Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Mistake. Huge!

Jennifer Lopez has been dropped as a judge for American Idol because she's a diva. Talk about bad bad move on her part! When you're not so famous, take a paycut just like Tom Cruise did with Magnolia. Totally upped his cred for three minutes.

I salivated over the Eat Pray Love premiere pictures at the Ziegfeld, a mere 40 blocks away from Dish. I had no idea it was going on otherwise...well...hell, I was probably watching Golden Girls. Billy Crudup looks a little old, which tells me he hasn't had work, which I applaud. Vanessa Marcil returned to General Hospital and in the trailer I thought I saw cheek implants. Am a little obsessed with plastic surgery since I'd be getting it right about now if I were famous.

Everyone should read Boy George as he is guest-blogging on Paper Mag Blog:

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