Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hollywood Faces Are Sagging in Mourning...

...for the passing of Dr. Frank Ryan who died in a car crash yesterday afternoon. He worked on Heidi Montag and Gene Simmons. This is a tragedy (seriously) not only because he was so young and talented, but also, he charged himself with the task of making famous people more beautiful.

As this happens, Zsa Zsa is barely clinging to life. When I was -10, she was a young beauty in her sixties, spouting on husbands and society. Maybe even a cameo on Love Boat? I don't remember, except I always got her confused with her twin Eva. Two great beauties.

In a depressing turn of events, the ever-gloomy genius Marilyn Manson broke up with his sparkling Lolita Evan Rachel Wood. I will return to my dark castle and pierce my left ear for the fifth time. After which I'll listen to Nick Cave and blow spitballs at the four black walls of my soul.

All bad news today, I'm afraid: Dish must give up on Best Buy and Target who are contributing to a MN candidate for governor with anti-gay policies. The gay community will get revenge--the accumulation of power, secret amassing of wealth and general takeover of most influential industries. As Kathy Griffin would say: Suck it, Target and Best Buy, and get with the times!

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Anonymous said...

Amen, Dish. And RIP Target and Best Buy.