Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letting the Air Out of the Tires

Asslips got deflated and Dish loves her for it! Okay, maybe I secretly loved her before the surgery but now she's less lippy and she's written a new novel Starlit. Of course, it's going on my Kindle ASAP.

Today Whoopi and Joy walked out on The View while Bill O'Reilly spewed turdlike substances. B.O. may be no-spin and entertaining, he's mostly a big bully who talks over people. Baba Walters condemned the walk-out and tried to make nice-nice, but I condemn the condemning. When a monster's in the room, sometimes you have to get the hell out!

Just because you care, Dish is changing her long-time "shadow" figure from Steven Seagal to Eminem. While you can't choose your shadow-opposite/good luck charm, Eminem's resurrection in music/sobriety lands him in this coveted spot of being the song that gets me through the last mile on the treadmill. As TG says, anyone who lets Borat land his butt on your face must be okay.


Anonymous said...

TG really plumbs the depths of the human soul.

RaggedyAndy said...

Talking about asses, what is Dish's take on Bruno?
We started watching it a few days ago but had to stop midway, when he smuggled an African kid into the US.

Dish Upon a Star said...

I found Bruno tiresome. I stopped it after 20 minutes. Sasha is funny, but this one didn't do anything for me.