Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dish Wonders... Willow Smith suddenly is famous. Will name my child after a tree or movie starring Val Kilmer and see how this helps, in addition to putting her/him in child pageants.

...why the Obama administration stopped the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. The timing is far too icky with elections. A Hillary fanatic supporter, I wanted to be wowed by Obama but am disappointed. Are elections about voting for the lesser of two--now three--evils? Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara were ever romantically linked. Now she is a goddess on Modern Family and Katie Holmes is kinda lifeless. Long live Sofia! (And I hope Katie Holmes is revived someday)

...Oh, and Bob Guccione is dead. Time for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Sycamore, Ginko, Dutch Elm, Sassafras, stump of a

SarahJessicaFan said...

Long live Sofia!!

DBSK said...

Was just watching Willow yesterday. Love a movie where the stars are little people.