Thursday, October 07, 2010

Catching Up on Dexter

There is so little news, I'm speechless. Demi/Ashton - Open marriage? Jessica Simpson blew her cookies on a boat. Pictures of Tom Cruise filming MI: IV reveal saggy boobies and a slim layer of gut flab. He always did have a strange rib-cage. Jay Leno and Seth McFarlane made some tacky oral sex reference about Christine O'Donnell, not surprising since Leno is classless. My veil arrived and it is a lunch lady hairnet. I will put bling in my hair instead. Suffice it to say: Another long week ends. I work, TG works, and by evening, I'm comatose and staring at TV.

At first, I resisted Dexter but now I'm hooked. Plowing through Season 4 and now TG can't get enough either. I know the big twist, which means I won't have as many nightmares. Such a good show.


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