Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Chemistry, No Boobies

The trailer for the widely anticipated The Tourist is out and, while it might be worth watching, I don't see the chemistry between him and Jolie. They're both too beautiful. I'm just looking forward to the bad accents.

I have a box of Godiva--will eat all unless TG reads this and discovers its existence. Then I will have to share.

Right now, Desperate Housewives. Traumatized by seeing Bree's cleavage. Her puppies are always covered by her immaculate sweater sets. After six years of no Bree boobies, I need to avert my eyes.


dishBrother said...

Yes, Bree's boobies were, well, odd to see. Couldn't quite look at them.

Dish Upon a Star said...

They were frightening! And I think they were smiling at the camera.

HersheyKiss said...

Yes, it was out of character for Bree. On the other hand, they were rather spectacular for a housewife of her years. I can't understand why they dug up that tatooed has-been as a love interest. They really should have sought out someone booby-worthy.