Monday, October 18, 2010

Eating Crow over B&S

My verdict was hasty. Thanks to Hulu, I snuck in my B&S, which had a good Nora Walker pep talk, Patricia Wettig scenery chewing, and, sob, some excellent gayness between 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins (bless him) and Ron Rifkin. A revelation.

Just when you thought these kids would last forever: Shia LeBoeuf and Carrie Mulligan seem to have severed ties. I don't see how Hollywood relationships can last. It's like Jack Bauer trying to keep things real. You see ugliness and can't go back to the good. Maybe the biz teaches us fully about transience. Despite the Brangelina canoodling, I don't see their union lasting either. The Holmes-Cruise marriage, I envision lasting out of fear on Holmes's part. Pure conjecture. Don't sue me, Tom's lawyers.

The Post endorsed Cuomo, a real sign that Palladino can no more be elected than Dish.

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