Thursday, October 28, 2010

Julia Roberts is 43, a Prime Number!

My Lancome products are all ligned up and ready to use. Dish is wearing red the way Julia does in Pretty Woman, hair in a ponytail bun as in Notting Hill when she stays over at Hugh's, going running as when she cleans up her sh*t in Runaway Bride. Dish will spend the day talking softly as JR does during serious moments. Drunken face mask a must as in My Best Friend's Wedding. Will take time to appreciate beauty as Her Highness does in Mona Lisa Smile, also showing that fluffy red hair is the style back in the 50s and 60s. As much as possible, quote Julia all day. When the need comes to laugh, my cackle will be loud and slightly irritating.

Happy Birthday, Julia!!!

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DBSK said...

Happy birthday, Julia! To celebrate I'll recommend DishBrother to watch Steel Magnolias this weekend (my sneaky way of having him watch Dolly!)