Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Every Tom, Dick and Franco

So busy with work, wedding and treadmilling. Now I have to keep up with all the celebs making videos for gay youth and bullying. Stars should make the videos because they are teachers--they've been through it, have more influence than anyone. If George Clooney does a telethon for gay youth, I'm not holding back. I will fake being a teen in crisis. Talking to Jack Nicholson or Jennifer Aniston will cure me.

Dish is reading Andrew Morton's unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise. Bottom line: He's WAY less interesting than Angelina. Have not gotten to the Mimi or Nicole years yet. Mostly, he had dicky father, turned into a big control freak pain in the ass--not surprising. I went to school with a million Toms. Not sure if I ever believed the gay rumors.

Go to to see James Franco in drag. Yes, very interesting. It's one thing after the next, with him, isn't it?

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