Monday, October 11, 2010

National Coming Out Day

I only found out a few minutes ago that it's National Coming Out Day. I have nothing to come out about (I ate a whole box of Godiva myself) so I can only cheer from the sidelines. Straight people get enough celebrations/TLC wedding shows and biblical references.

On this day, let's condemn the homophobic comments of candidate for governor Carl Palladino, who with each moment, makes a spectacle of himself. It's hard to believe such thugs exist. And speaking of heterosexual thuggery, Brett Favre joins the parade of cheating husbands with his sexting young babes. Dish will say it again: Never become involved with an athlete. In shocking divorces, Ben Harper filed to end his marriage to Laura Dern. She was ridiculed in Andrew Morton's bio of Angelina Jolie and one wonders where the truth lies.

An exciting Brothers & Sisters: Kitty made a souffle. In the toilet, I tell you.


HersheyKiss said...

We can only hope against hope that Holly regains her memory ... or takes on a new, evil personality .. and begins to wreak havoc with the Walkers. I KNOW!! She could break into Kitty's "find myself" place and steal the receipt for the kid, return the kid, and go on a shopping spree. Kitty won't notice for at least 3 weeks. And what happened to her campaign?? AND .. what happened to persnickety (sp?) Kevin over the summit that suddenly results in permafuzz that the old queeny Kevin wouldn't have tolerated? On that note, what's up with the Walkers' aversion to razors? Does this mean Kitty's bony legs are ape-like?? I miss the Gates. Bring back the blood suckers!!

HersheyKiss said...

Oops .. "over the summer", not summit.