Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Do You Say to Twins?

La Celine gave birth to fraternal twin boys, bringing her brood to five. I like Celine though her appearance on Oprah scared the sh*t out of me. It took me back to my days in a French school, where Madame A... dragged my classmate Lionel in front of the classroom and paddled him. Did I mention she pulled his pants down first? Those were the olden days when toilets were Turkish (not sanitary if you're 6 because you NEVER hit the spot), wine came with lunch and Madame A... could get away with paddling. I digress. Celine would never do such a thing and I'm not suggesting abuse. She must be a wonderful mother. Oh God, how did I get into this? Oh right, rambling about my childhood: Back to Madame A... When I cheated on a test (by poorly rubbing out the wrong answer to putting in the right one), Madame A... brought me up in front of the class, eyed me and put a big fat zero on my test.

I do love France, Canada, the French and Celine. I'm just saying Celine would keep me on my toes. Congratulations to her and her family.


J.J. said...

Celine Makes My Skin Crawl! Ew,Ick!!!

Madame A said...

Taisez-vous!! Arretez!! Je vous donne un ZERO!!