Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Logo's The A-List

Okay, Gays, I have a hard thing to discuss: How bad is The A-list, which premiered last night on Logo? Imagine Dish, more than excited. Finally, a real housewives show with real divas from her town. Now, 24 hours later, I shudder to think of how my eyes were violated by this offensive cliché of gay New York. First of all, the term "A-List" is so embarrassingly passé, someone should be fired. Also, 90% of the gay world is A-list so just using the term is redundant. And how dare you--producers--put this dull, tired poster of hunk-masters playing in a pool to advertise this travesty. I know some men who'd fit into this poster, but many gays aren't all about being gay. Or at least, they have jobs, carry on real conversations, do menial tasks outside of the facials, massages and celeb-air-kissing. Not every mo is swishy! This show makes New York and gays looks terrible!

We've seen the gay stereotypes (assistant, bff, stylist, confidant, wedding planner) on all the other reality TV shows related to fashion and celebrity. This show repeats the same boring sh*t! The guys featured are barely likeable (except Ryan and Derek who are 100% wretched)--just not original, except for maybe the photographer who might sport complexity and 1/2 a brain. Show us something different, Logo, and relevant--something with pride.

--An Angry Hag in NYC


Anonymous said...

You tell them, Dish!!

J.J. said...

You Couldn't Be More Correct!!! I had to turn it off about 20 minutes in! This show is such a poor representation of the nations gay community and how dare LOGO perpetuate negative stereotypes at a time when we are fighting for equality??? I would vote against any of those guys getting married and/or adopting children! Exploiting these nelly men for entertainment, actually will cause hate and hate crimes!

Anonymous 2 said...

Thank you, Dish, JJ, and Anonymous