Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guess Who's Not Watching Brothers and Sisters? Everyone.

Okay, that was mean. When I left the show a few minutes ago, Sarah was sewing a costume and on the phone. The Walkers are always bickering on the phone. I will return to the show only when Sally Field is doing it doggie style with John Stamos.

The world is short another angel as Barbara Billingsley died. Dish likes to remember her best as the woman who speaks Jive in Airplane: Blessings on BB's coming and going.

You remember my dreams of Tom Cruise as Christ from the last few years? Well, I'm reading Andrew Morton's biography of Tom and the truth is: Tom isn't tell-all worthy. At least Angelina got hopped up on drugs, cut herself and stole men from wives/fiancays. Tom's big scandal is Scientology--not as juicy as track marks on your arm or anorexia--and the leaking of his real personality in 2004. That was a bad year for me, too, and I did things I'd rather forget. It seems unimaginative to plunk him into the gay world. Maybe he's just weird and super-controlling. Every now and then he's fun to watch in a movie. End of story. Well, I still haven't gotten to the Katie Holmes years.

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