Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ambien at 8 AM?

The Kennedy Curse is such a clichay (too lazy to put in accent but not too lazy to write this out) that I can't bear writing this next bit, but I will because I'm trying to delay finishing The Pelican Brief, which is awesome. Andrew Cuomo's ex Kerry Kennedy crashed into a tractor-trailer and then was stopped by the coppers. There are reports that she had taken Ambien and then drove. I'm thankful this drug only makes me eat Cheetos before I fall asleep.

The Real L Word is back! I keep saying I'll never watch it again, but I do. I kind of love them. As you can see, there are no total dweebs in the bunch. It's mostly about sex in the shower, who's mad at whom, parties, tattoos, booze, pregnancy, and love-relationships. No knitting or book clubs, politics, strong career focus, cooking, school, or lofty pursuits beyond acquiring fame. That's my main beef, but it's early yet and I can't get enough of these gals. Whitney and Sara are on the verge of marriage (they did marry), which seems insane to me. They were both "hooking up" with the world not three seconds ago. I enjoy Romi the most because she wears her heart on her sleeve and has the coolest accessories. She may have turned back to penis, but at least she's sober. The couple having the baby is beyond cute. The musicians do nothing for me, as yet. Maybe once they start really fighting, I'll perk up.

Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh have a new daughter named Faith. First normal celebrity offspring name all year!

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