Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What in Blazes is Tom Wearing?

I'm really glad Tom is in NYC, but these jeans offend my eyes. Call me a fan of the wide-legged pant but don't they make his gams look tiny? These are important issues. At least he can pick up Suri. What a nice daddy. Wonder if Tom and Katie will see each other face to face.

Miss Advised: I can't help but feel strongly for these three dating experts. For many many many years, I went through the EXACT same things: horrible and confusing dates, the "don't be your total self" stuff, obsessing and invites to be the third party in threesomes. Bleck. It's hard to be a "good girl" in this world. I'm thankful I don't have to waste energy on this anymore, that I can be myself with someone who's better than I'd expected any spouse could be. I just want to wrap Emily, Amy and Julia in a great big Dish hug. It wouldn't be pervy at all. (Amy, I totally went out with a Lewis--exactly to a tee--and you were SO great to just walk out of the restaurant and in high heels! I wasted 6 months on what should have been two dates! Maybe I did that several times...)

The Real Housewives of Orange County, Reunion 2: Even TG started to get into it with the yelling, accusations and the bitchery. This one was tame and the wives all acknowledges their flaws. What the hell? Have feeling Vicki is on the verge of dumping Brooks. But if she's happy, why not date him? It's like my relationship with ice cream.

Last night's offenses: I started reading Portia Di Rossi's Unbearable Lightness and at the point where she describes upchucking Cheetos, my craving for the snack became almost unbearable. The more she obsessed about weight, the more I had to step on a scale. Every food she describes bingeing on, I must have. Like nachos. YUM! Loving this book, feeling admiration for Portia, but my brain is obviously twisted.

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