Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bachelorette--More Spoilers

This could be a complete ploy to f*ck with Dish's head (most things are), but Perez is reporting that there are Bachelorette spoilers beyond the spoilers. Perhaps, Dish's wish for Emily will come true.

On a more tragic, non-wedding note, Vera Wang is separating from her hubby of five kajillion years. I wish I could feel bad but she makes so much damn money. Money can keep you warm on a cold day, especially if you hire Eddie Cy-Brain's character from Living Out Loud to rub out your troubles.

Real Housewives Updates (Your Group of Girlfriends in the Technology Age):

RHoOC Reunion: Jesus Jugs. The bird flying into Andy Cohen. The monstrous blond hair that took over Tamra and Gretchen's heads. The super-trampy outfits--okay for sunny OC but total Ross Dress for Less hooker in New York. Heather is the only normal one (flawless lip gloss, BTW). I could criticize and judge the whole lot of them but, turns out, I like them all passionately. Sure, Alexis is as dumb as a box of hair, is married to Dr. Strange and won't let criticism penetrate her cotton candy brain, but I still like her. I don't know why. They all seem to be better than the men they've chosen (except for Heather--he's a rich doctor, who are we kidding).

RHoNY: The London trip makes me want to travel and poor Ramona is back giving classes at the Learning Annex. Remember those classes? Dish took one to be more social. What a bomb! They split us up into smaller groups (the way lazy speakers often do) and I was stuck making small talk with Toupee and Grandpa.

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