Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Political Animals Is My New Best Friend!

First of all: I could watch Sigourney Weaver clip her toenails for two hours. Same goes for Ciaran Hinds, Dan Futterman and Carla Gugino. Put them together and I can barely stay conscious. I was wary of Political Animals because of the crappy reviews. Dishreaders, forget the reviews. This show is juicy and salacious. Sure, the parallel to Hillary is overkill but politics is the new porn! It is way better than Scandal, though I love that show too. Oh, and how could I forget Ellen Burstyn as the trash-talking boozy mother? Priceless.

Criticism: Ciaran's accent is too country and, yes, he's Bubba. If he could just have a straight Connecticut accent, what an interesting, less annoying twist. Why is the gay son always the tormented one? Of course, he's on the verge of death from all his drug-using, but he's creative as evidenced by his piano playing. They pack a lot of issues into one show: discrimination against Asian-Americans (which causes one to become bulimic), gay men = inevitable drug use, Iran bad but maybe something humane behind badness, lots o' cheating, women as either bitches or skanks, men are mostly ridiculous, betraying bastards. It's enough for me to scratch my beard and go, "hmmmmm."

Praise: Sigourney is one of the few showbiz ladies without trout mouth. Plus, I think she gained weight for the role. She looks amazing--and how refreshing to see such a gifted actress strut her stuff. Her speech about life being mostly "hell" coaxed a big tear from my eye. Adrian Pasdar is fabulous as an ineffective yet charismatic President. Wonder what *that's* about?

I'm counting the minutes until the next show!

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