Saturday, July 21, 2012

Massacre's Aftertaste

I don't know about you but yesterday's Colorado bloodbath is lingering in my psyche, as it should. The world can be an awful place. To get ourselves into seeing the new Batman, TG and I have been viewing Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The movies have sparkle but tooooo lllooooonnnnnggggg. There is no disputing the genius of Heath Ledger. I'm sad for the movies his death deprived us of, baby (don't end with preposition).

Today Dish broke through a major psychological wall. At 16, I trained hard for soccer with Dishbiologicalfather. We used to run around the track in the early evening, with sun setting and both of us in different parts of the track. He'd yell, "do one more lap for Duran Duran!" and I would. I got to running 6 miles a day. Since that time, I haven't had the heart to run that distance. I'd get to 5.5 and give up. Until today. I am my own motivator, Dishreaders.*

My inspiration is the new trailer for The Master, which is an obvious nod to Scientology, coming out in October from Paul Thomas Anderson. My dream of Joaquin Phoenix returning to acting has been realized. Put him with master Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I officially have my ticket to heaven. It's genius to choose the setting since it seems to explore the roots of Scientology. The easy choice would be to focus on the last twenty years. Tom Cruise allegedly is pissed at this flickipoo, though Dish feels he'll pretend it didn't happen. I cannot WAIT for this.

* I did an extra lap for Duran Duran.

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