Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hurray for Anaheim!!!

Dish got out before the storms though turbulence not fun! Woman next to me drank two sodas and didn't have to whizzz once. Landed in sunshine. ha dsplitting headache but did my duties and perked up. Did discuss with friend the latest Kristen Stewart scandal which I find a little fishy, as in staged. Robert Pattinson has moved out, which seems a perfect exit. I don't buy this one bit. And whocares? They are so freaking young!

The other news has to dowith the Jackson family. I'm so sick of them. All of them.

Mitt Romney said something stupid. Duran Duran is singing for the games on Friday!


HersheyKiss said...

The Walkers live in Anaheim. Will you be looking up Nora? (Whoa ... split universe .. you see Sally in the grocery, and then Nora in Anaheim .. makes my brain hurt!)

Dish said...

i didn't realize they were there! I wasn't listening as carefully. SALLY and NORA R MY LIFE!!!!