Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Star Sighting: Charlie Rose!!!

9:37 PM, Le Charlot at 69th and Madison: Left unsupervised with the stars, TG acts boldly. It's like unleashing a kindergartener in a paint/glitter store. While fine-dining with TGbrother and TGbrotherwife, he spotted the debonaire newsman and got all twitter-pated. Afterwards, while standing outside watching the man get away, TG yelled out "Charlie Rose!!!" This was exactly what he did with Will Arnett--a brilliant ploy. As Arnett had done, CR came back to see who called his name. Ha! It was TG, that little happy doggie who just wants to loll in your glory and maybe lick your face. Charlie pat him on the back and moved on.

I could hear the excitement in TG's voice as he relayed this up-to-the-minute star sighting. CR wore a blazer, no tie.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sport, that TG.

Dish said...

He's pretty hilarious. He has no fear.