Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chad Everett, Gone But Never Forgotten

WTF, celebrities in their sixties and seventies? It's really hard for us when you leave this world. Rest in peace, Chad Everett who was fifty shades of "hunkalicious", worked tirelessly in classic TV and movies: most recently in the remake of Psycho and Mulholland Drive. Dish enjoyed him in Love Boat and Murder She Wrote. His CV is miles long.

I'm about to leave for Southern California for Daytime Dish Duties, but TG is storming the castle and forcing some sunning, surfing and relaxing. I will post but it might be a little rushed.

Gossip: The Jacksons are all screwed up again--money, custody, is the mother really competent, interventions, smacking on the face. It's like a long tired seventy-year run of Dynasty.

The pics of Christian Bale visiting shooting victims in CO made me teary. Can you imagine BATMAN HIMSELF visiting you? That would put anyone on the path to healing.


John Haracopos said...

OMG, Chad Passed??????? I'm devastated!!!!! He was my first dream lover!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine too. He is the epitome of hunkalicious, not these steroid infused bufflebrains.