Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette: Y'all I'm Really Scared

Due to many, many minutes of watching Emily Maynard cry and wipe away her tears with those neat white-tipped fingers, Dish is running out right now to get the SAME MANICURE. How does she manage to cry without smudging her mascara/eyeliner? I've never mastered this, which explains why TG looks away from my raccoon eyes as I'm flinging precious glass elephant artifacts willy nilly.

I watched last night's episode and, before this, made the mistake of reading spoilers for the finale. I'm SO not happy with my findings but will watch till the bitter end. Sean is too perfect, Jef is secretly 12 years old and Arie is just right, except for his sweaty face. The choice is obvious to Dish and several Dishfriends. But then...I'm not Emily (thank jebus since I couldn't handle being so darling).

There is allegedly a big announcement she's going to make at the end of The Bachelorette. My heart can't stand the suspense.


Anonymous said...

What is this about throwing objects? Is this the calm, cool, and collected observer of the stars?

Dish said...

Just kidding, Mom!