Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Barry Manilow Revs Up Radio City

Sorry for the crappy photo but I was so mesmerized by the Barryster, my usually terrible photog skills suffered exponentially.

Before Concert: Dish was 5 on the Fanilow scale. Liked him a lot, sometimes inspired, but was more into glam 80s pop boy bands. After Concert: 9 and it wouldn't take much to create a sh*tstorm of Fanilow-mania in Dish. Is there enough room for another obsession?

Of course!

I went to the concert with LovesMattDamon who knew every lyric in every Barry song--and sang it! We had jolly good fun. At first, Barry seemed rickety, and the hip surgery must have taken a toll on this tall drink of water. Also, Girlfriend needs a hamburger fast. But tweezed hair and spindly legs aside, he sparkled and grooved and didn't miss a single note. He just got stronger and stronger, hitting all the favorites and charming the bejesus out of us. I found myself tearing up over the tribute to Dick Clark and then his grandfather. No words needed for when Barry sang WITH HIMSELF a la Nat/Natalie Cole. He didn't even need to sing since the audience was singing right along with him.

There is no one like Barry. He is special. He's written amazing songs that stay in our hearts (whether we want them there or not). During "It's a Miracle," I thought: Maybe Barry Manilow could resolve the conflict in the Middle East. All you do is put all the warring factions in a room and have Barry smooth it out with a concert. Those songs, how could you not feel peace and harmony from them?

My favorite lines:

When we wouldn't stop applauding: "Let's lock the doors and order a pizza."

Over his surgery--a little paraphrased: "I discovered something great that will stay with me for the rest of my life...Vicodin."

What a heavenly evening. And now I'm sick.


Geri said...

I saw him last year for the first time and couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. I'm a convert!


Dish said...

Me too! I would have never gone if it weren't for my friend asking. And now I love him!

Anonymous said...

Love him better than TG?

Dish said...

I do still have a Barry afterglow but returning to TG tormenting the cat with floss brought me back to sweet earth.

Sam said...

Hey Dish, it's me - LovesMattDamon. Thanks for mentioning me in this piece. And yes, I think Barry could inspire peace in the Mid East. And if not, maybe he can just send over a shipment of Vicodin?