Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Y'All!

So what are you doing this long weekend? Dish and TG are off to Atlantic City to catch ZZ Top. I never thought I'd ever do such a thing: go to the Land of Trump or see those long beards (Angela's dad on Bones) filling my ears with their sassy noise. ZZ Top is highly sexual for a band's name, especially if you know French and TG thinks this choice was on purpose. I grew up seeing them as the ones whose videos took precious airtime away from this awesome showstopper. TG will be happy.

Speaking of happy, Keira Knightley got engaged to James Righton (Right on! I bet you never hear that). Lindsay Lohan found the man who's going to play Richard Burton, as if we aren't all going to be glued to the screen opening night.

The Bethenny divorce rumors are a scam, in my view. How else to build excitement for her talk show starting June 11 on Fox? I'm incensed and will not watch already DVRed.

Say a prayer for Jenna Jameson's tortured soul. She survived a porn career and, after doing the whole husband and kids thing, drunkenly drove into a pole. Someone should write a book about sabotage.

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