Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm On the Road...

Expect the following:

Really crappy short posts

No pictures from the internets (which makes it less likely that I'll be sued)

Mundane details of my exploits in Connecticut, the hotbed of celebrity living

Out of date news since I'll be watching reruns of SOMETHING while in the hotel

Groaning over failed attempt to run in place for 7 miles like Nelson Mandela in his jail cell. I brought my sneakers so will haul ass to squeaky treadmill in hotel "fitness center."

I will steal toilet paper and products not nailed down.

Why didn't I get a suite? Bethenny Frankel would have done this better.

Say a prayer for TG who will miss me like crazy (I hope).


HersheyBeso said...

How long will we have to endure this misery??

Dish said...

I'm back on Sunday morning, Sister of Guadelupe willing.

HersheyBeso said...

OK, I think .. I hope .. I can hold out until then for a real update. In the meantime, try to establish some jovial conversation with the ghost in your room. Ghosts need not be scary!

Dish said...

Good advice and I know you have experience with the naranormal. I am going to leave out M&Ms and I hear they like pennies.