Monday, May 07, 2012

Sarkozee, Ve Hardly Know Zee

Bonjour, les personnes! Je suis here to announcer que le tres beau et sexy socialiste Francois Hollande (errrr, on get our countries mixed up un peu?) a ete electay President de La France! Mais...est-ce qu'un "Socialiste President" un oxymoron? Furtherplus, le probleme est que l'evil Hollande va TAXER LES RICHES! Abominable, insupportable, semblable. Pourquoi pas les riches ne keep pas leurs moneys? Ils earned it beater et degrader les pauvres sots into submission. Les Wall Streets font shitter dans leur pantalons. Encore plus important, does Mr. Francois France avoir une belle supermodel wife? C'est ca qui fuel une kingdom. Je viens de faire un Google search et, oui, son wife est hot. L'Europe est saved!


Sam said...

Je suis super happy 'e 'as la supermodel marie! Else all would be lost!

Vous etes right up to le moment avec this poste, Dish!

Anonymous said...

I don't think this babe is his wife. He doesn't marry--or at least he didn't marry Segolene Royal, with whom he had four children and who ran in the first Socialist race against Sarkozy. He has a "companion," with whom he began the relationship while with Royal. In other words, he's a fun-loving socialist. Nothing to worry about.

Dish said...

I'm weeping--not even married. This politician is just too dreamy for words. TG, we're moving to France!!!!