Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Jessica Finally Gave Birth!

Wasn't it strange how fixated everyone including Dish became with Jessica Simpson's large belly? Since those bad jeans (which weren't so bad), she's the big butt of so many fat jokes. A baby doesn't help*. I wonder how much of it was real or just a ploy to push a weight-loss plan. Maybe I read about it somewhere and am now passing off the info as my own insight.

Why do I pay attention to this? I should start The House of Green Gables, pronto! Or was it The House with No Cable? I kind of hate people who don't have TV because it's against their beliefs. I shouldn't have eaten those baked beans.

On a related topic, Newt Gingrich ended his campaign. At least Ron is staying in to keep it interesting.

RIP, Junior Seau, former NFL player, who felt it was his time to go. So sad.

*The girl's name is Maxwell, which makes me think of this--a true senior moment since the artist name is different.

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