Monday, May 14, 2012

I'd Know Those Obama Ears Anywhere!

After announcing his stance on gay marriage, of course the Prez would do a drive by in Chelsea. After O's speech, TG came home just in time to stand by the barricade with me and watch Obama go by. The windows were slightly tinted but Dish had her spidey sense so saw/felt the power of those gigantic ears. What was he doing in Chelsea? Going to Loehmann's to get 'Chelle a nice new purse on sale...or perhaps sauntering over to Splash?

Did you read about the alleged feud between Oprah and Michelle? It's easy to pit these two titans against each other. The media loves to watch girls feud. I always wondered what Michelle thought of Oprah's influence on her hub but the idea that the two women would be jealous of one another. Pullleuuuse. It's someone's wet dream...though perhaps totally true.

In between deliriums, I accidentally stumbled on the last night's finale of Desperate Housewives. TG kept saying, "This is excellent. So tightly written." Especially disturbing were the makeout scenes between Bree and Quantum Leap. I don't know why. Middle-aged hanky panky isn't as sexy to watch as geezer sex. For two hours, we didn't get much of a bang until the end with some lovely cameos and a goose-pimply last 30 seconds. I loved the brief return of Dana Delaney, though waited and waited and waited for Gale Harold to come back and whisk That Woman away from her boring grieving over the boring plumber. I guess the ending was satisfying.

Many shows just got canceled: Most significantly GBC, Pan Am, Awake, Bent, Harry's Law, CSI: Miami, The Finder, Ringer, and The Secret Circle.

The greatest question for our time: What will Gale Harold do now??? They should have just had Gale do the entire show and get rid of those pesky witchy teens. It would have been a hit.

Will spend the night researching and confirming whether or not Charlize and Fassbender are dating. Talk about utter cuteness.


Anonymous said...

But what about Obama/TG male bonding?

Dish said...

I didn't sense any homoerotic subtext between O & TG, but as a practitioner of hetero-yet-gay-friendly man-love, TG would have melted over a hand-shake or a nice hug with pat on back. They could have then indulged in eager devouring of a zesty indigestion-inducing veal chops at Becco's topped off with cognac. Obama would treat, of course.

HersheyBeso said...

Pan Am turned out to be a full-of-itself suckfest, and what a shame .. had they only stuck to the Love Boat formula! I rather enjoy GCB, however, particularly the hunky .. ah, intellectually stimulating cast they've assembled.