Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marilyn Never Sounded Like THAT!

Smash finale: Katharine McPhee belted out that last tune like she was on American Idol, but those of us well schooled in Marilyn know the siren never really belted*. She sang in that whispy, sweet breathy voice. Every now and then she belted but never, never like a McPhee. Hmmmmm. I'm not sure about the finale but I will keep watching because Smash is a virus that lasts 9 months. The songs really suck!

Dizzying thought: Obama was one block away from Dishhouse. No wonder all the screeching in my hood. It even brought me and Douchebag--who lives on my floor--into semi-civil proximity. TG likes DB but he's an XY.

Let's try dazzled: The Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz marriage fascinates me so I had to see The Whistleblower. It's a gruesome story, goodish performances, a bit predictable in its telling--still worth the watch. I'll be even more wishy washy: It's an important story, especially to remind us of the rape/trafficking rampant in Bosnia and how we participated in it. It's a cruel world, the plight of women hopeless. I'm not sure how those survivors survived--with daily abuse. Weisz played the good cop, reminding me slightly of Angelina Jolie in The Bone Collector--sober, quietly fearless, trying to be less gorgeous but FAILING MISERABLY.

I feel better about my thighs: I saw a pic of KK wearing tights and shorts and it made me feel skinny. My IQ just dropped 50 points from previous paragraph, didn't it? How about another 50 (see below)?

Duran Duran is throwing a contest for fans to advertise their new Diamond in the Mind CD/DVD. Dish was so excited! But then realized: I'd have to make it about the band's concert in the UK and not about Me and My Love for Them. This stopped me in my tracks. Where would I even begin? Will watch DVR-ed The Bachelorette instead...or read more Sartre.

Dish is all about the contradictions.

*Why does Tony Curtis in drag make this song even sexier?


J.J. said...

I must disagree with DishBitch! BTW, that is your new name! The original SMASH tunes written by Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman are terrific!!! Dish must open her mind to what a musical is. Emotion so heightened that the character must sing their hearts truth. Marilyn Monroe may not have belted in real life but she would have absolutely wanted to in her heart!; and who's to say what Don Quixote would have sounded like?? Besides "Don't Forget Me"is the best character driven lyric written since "Roses Turn"

Dish said...

You might not know this but I've done so much musical theater (not B-way or off or anywhere near NYC), grew up in musical obsessed family and then acted/sang from age 11-22, taught acting in my twenties and I see tons of plays. After all this, *my* singing voice is terrible and am probably the only one who thought Wicked blew. It's all subjective. I stand by my words and must emphasize I'm still obsessed with the show.

DishBrother said...

It's terrible but I. Can't. Stop. Watching.