Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Moment of Reverence for Duran Duran Exes (and Two Currents)

After watching the "Hungry Like the Wolf" video for the 76th time on MTV, my 14 y.o. self agonized over the inevitable pain I would feel if Simon, John, and Nick* ever found true love. I had to work fast. Then came the evil Duran Duran vacation in Montserrat with no shortage of press coverage. Duran girlfriends were everywhere, laughing with hands on precious Duran limbs. My heart hemorrhaged. The blade went deeper when Nick married Julie Anne with flamingos and matching lipgloss. My junior year, Simon married a goddess. The final nail was John's relationship with Renee Simonsen, that gorgeous model who was on every cover. The wound reopened with his marriage to Amanda. I had to accept the facts, though inside I seethed over the audacity of these no-doubt manipulative vixens.

Many decades later, my degree of separation from the boys has lessened to about 1 and 1/2 and my adolescent bitterness has miraculously vanished. (I think Dishmama is vomiting with disgust right now. I'll get back to deeper thinking soon, Mommycakes!). It took Yasmin Le Bon dancing by me during a recent concert to make me forget I was having a panic attack. She just looked so happy grooving to music. I then did the same and ignored the shakes. Amanda's The Conversation dazzled me last week, and now, I've just discovered the blog/website of Julie Anne Rhodes. I'm completely inspired by her. Her site made me want to cook and we all know Dish barely boils water**. My hat's off to this talented woman. I won't even start with Gela Nash-Taylor and the Juicy Couture empire.

Reinvention is possible and necessary over the course of a woman's life. Jealousy is mostly pointless. We have to root for each other instead. Right, girls?

*Andy was already married and, as we all know, Roger and I are the same person so it never would have worked. TG is a Simon, 4 sure.
**I can cook secretly but choose not to--I starch and iron TG's clothes instead.

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