Thursday, May 03, 2012

Duran Duran Playing for the Summer Olympics!

They never go away, nor would we ever want them to vanish from our ecstatic landscapes. Dish might be away on business during this event, but I'll DVR it. Duran Duran and Daniel Craig appearing during the summer Olympics--this could exacerbate my mitral valve prolapse*.

Dish's funny of the day: Ellen reading the latest craze: Fifty Shades of Grey. I have this on my Kindle app on my iPad--how's that for dirty?

Yesterday, Ryan O'Neal was everywhere. This hasn't happened since a recent Bones marathon and I liked him on this show. He seems so fake in interviews. What a messed up family--and it didn't have to be. He claims to have been a bad father...and Dish doesn't feel sad for him, because the focus is still on him. Maybe I'm too close to this issue. Instead of writing a book, why not spend time with those kids? I know about 2% of the story, if that, and I do own The Main Event, but still, this skeeves me out. I wish him well in his recovery and that he is able to heal his relationships with his children. That is the most important thing.

I had a moment of weakness today where I looked up plastic surgery of the stars. They've all had at least a nose job. My friend L. was right--they have to. It's an investment. Did not see Julia on the list but does that mean she hasn't gotten a prick or two of the pig toxin?

The Bachelor/ette/Pad Chris Harrison is splitting with his wife of 18 years. What happened? He seemed like the most serene person on Earth. Maybe he is. The tabs say it's super-amicable. Groovy, kids!

*I noticed an irregular heartbeat after nine months of smoking unfiltered Gauloises.

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