Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cause If You Don't Look Good, We Don't Look Good

The passing of another legend: hair god Vidal Sassoon, whose commercials were such a vital part of Dish's formative years, is now styling bobs in heaven. I can't take another high profile death. Need some soothing decaf Earl Grey--or an episode of The Shield.

In stormy couple news: Sean Bean was arrested for harassing his fourth ex-wife. You'd think a dishy actor could just find someone else and not resort to these childish antics. Then again, an arrest is as good as a sex tape. You can sleep easy tonight because the Johnny Depp/Vanessa Paradis union is intact. I've finally emerged from my fog.

In violence: Rihanna unfollowed Chris Brown--finally. If Twitter had been invented in 1982, it might have documented how many times I walked by LB's house. This did nothing to further my cause so I joined the track team just to be near him, hauling my cookies in the 100-meter dash (the shortest distance). Dish was slow. SJ got to him first and they made out like 12 y.o.s as I huffed across the finish line, dead last. I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet, though.

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