Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day Two: On The Road

I should have never used the Ghost Radar app in my hotel room because it's haunted. WTF? It took a village to knock me into sleep and I dread the night ahead. His name could be Tom. Will pretend it's the spirit of Tom Hanks taking a break from Rita. That Tom is awesome.

Oh God, rerun of Pretty Woman. Must watch Julia be a virginal whore AGAIN. Speaking of Mitt Romney, he just announced he was behind the times and against gay marriage.

TG, please have pancakes and NY Post ready for my return. I will be knackered (is Tom British?).

Celeb news: Russell Brand unfollowed Katy Perry. I ate two pieces of cheesecake. Am secretly watching Mike Huckabee on Fox. The ghost chose the channel.

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