Thursday, August 16, 2012

Al Roker Gets My Attention for More Than His Weight Loss!

Al Roker dissed Matt Lauer on The Today Show with a passive-aggressive zinger (Dish's fave!) about Matt's throwing colleagues under the bus. Genius, Al! Wonder if this Matt-diss was a way to drum up ratings. GMA countered with its own drama with the alleged a-holery of Josh Elliott. This is so much like the Presidential campaign in progress. All drama, no substance.

Apparently Kristen Stewart is pissed she's the fall girl for cheating with her married director. Why doesn't the guy get the blame? Because he's a loser and no one knows who he is. Plus, Kristen has destroyed the fantasies of so many teens and hormonal soccer moms by hurting RPatz. Predict epic turnout for Twilight movie out in November. All drama, no substance.

David Beckham is getting such buzz over his latest underwear ad where he seems to be mid-happyplace. Parents are outraged. (My neighborhood is celebrating in the streets--champagne, everyone!) Dish feels, oh yeah, outraged? Might as well take down every female crotch-boob-butt shot slathered all over the place for hundreds of years. Give the boys their due to be fourteen-feet long and naked. DB's tattoos are kinda grody though.


Anonymous said...

The paramour/director has been dumped from the Snow White sequel.

Dish said...

It's really sad that one dumb mistake can ruin a career, no doubt decades in the making. But at 41, he should have known better.