Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Elephant in the Room

Can we admit the obvious? Paul Ryan is handsome as sin and this is problematic for Democrats. Ryan may heart Ayn Rand and support radical reform that will cut many of us off at our knees, but Romney made the perfect choice. Romney by himself is so incredibly boring. Ryan is not boring. He may be a little too polarizing, though Dish feels he will begin an age of young hotties in the Republican party -- which the GOP desperately needs. A couple years ago, I saw him speak and thought, oh f*ck, he's going to be President someday. Mark my scary words, Dishreaders. I was a little surprised he was Mitt's choice, only because PR would gun for the presidency. The VP is erectile dysfunction itself. This campaign just got interesting...unfortunately. (Go Hillary!)

TG and I enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starring our friend Daniel Craig and the interesting Rooney Mara. Or Mara Rooney. It was a mite slow but my strep throat found it leisurely in the best possible way.

WTF, Fareed Zakaria, lifting a paragraph? If this ruins his career, then surely, television can stop enlisting Doris Kearns Goodwin as a beloved commentator on the presidents. Vomitte.


Anonymous said...

They need to send Mr Ryan out with the Romney boys to do some serious beach campaigning. Give us something yummy to look at before Obama wins again and they turn ugly and then fade away, at least temporarily.

Anonymous said...

By the by, that was me, HersheyK ... Somehow the system won't take my name. Get better soon, Dish!

Dish said...

Thanks, Hershey! I agree. At least Obama had the decency to display his rippling abs. Paul Ryan and the Romney boys need to have a televised wrestling match in a tub of oil. Hello?

Anonymous said...

I would watch. HK