Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Convention Recap: Day Two

Okay, Everyone. If you were watching Who the Bleep Did I Marry or The U.S. Open or the Weather Channel, here's what happened at the RNC, short for Really Nice Crew!

Rand Paul: zzzz, Vote Mitt even though my daddy isn't that into him...look at my freaky eyes, zzzzz, roads, America, Vote Mitt Romney!

John McCain: I know Mitt, zzzz, Obama bad because he doesn't kill enough foreigners, military yay, zzzz, America, my under-chin waddle distracts even me, foreigners are scary, leadership, Iranian Netta died in the street and Obama practically killed her himself, I am old, Vote Mitt!

Condaleeza Rice: 9/11, 9/11, unpleasant, my control top gives me this pinched tone, 9/11, security, Obama reversed W.'s great work, downward spiral like planes in WTC, shrill, Arab Spring, on the brink, watch the f*ck out! Vote Mitt.

Paul Ryan: Trying to be calm, dying to break out into aerobics, Obama is the Satan in your cereal, zzzz, zzzz, lies, lies, lies, calm, folksy, nicey, my dad died, I hear your pain, lies, domestic problems. Vote Mitt.

The fire of Chris Christie didn't come on this night. The boredom factor is way too high in general. And the lies!!!

Dish likes to see both sides but you know there's trouble when even Fox News and David Brooks diss the GOP candidate.

I'm so sick. Along with the sappy retrospectives on the Bushes and Ron Paul, they done a nice 3-minute short with a few rape victims, legs in stirrups, with caring doctors telling them they have no choice and isn't that great?

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Wish I were there.