Friday, August 03, 2012

Grave Sightings!!!!

Oh, the pictures, Dishreaders. Just wait until tomorrow! TG decided to get strep so we've been keeping a low profile.We did visit the cemetery where Marilyn and Farrah are resting. I fired up my Ghost Radar app as we sauntered around the headstones. Right around Marilyn's plaque, there was a "Joe" on the radar. Positively eerie, n'est-ce pas? it made me smile. I love cemeteries, just not at night.

You can hear Dish on the "Notorious" episode of Langdon Nation: . Oh and the part where the host alleges that I went topless to my mom's birthday party, well, that's false. I would never ever do anything so salacious. Langdon pretends to be obsessed with me--my mind, my heart, my body, especially my chest. You can tell by the dots it's just not true. But we did make out once.

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