Friday, August 17, 2012

Just Say No or Maybe Sometimes

Real World and Celebrity Rehab star Joey Kovar, 29, died, presumably to prescription drugs. Poor guy seemed tormented. Maybe drugs have always been an epidemic but the stars seem to be dropping like flies these last few years. It makes me uncomfortable since in my forties, I'm in great health...sort of. I run a lot, have perfect blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, good teeth. My only chronic health issue is that I don't sleep well and I figure that on some nights, I'm allowed to take something to bludgeon my brain for 8 hours. It makes a big difference and I function. This was my last resort after melatonin, Valerian root smoothies, Tylenol PM, Rescue Remedy spray, excessive journaling, many holistic treatments (here take a pellet, that'll be 300$), and just plain staying up all night for nights on end (when you're watching Wings, you're in trouble). On low stress days, I take nothing and fall asleep at my natural 2am. For the merry go-round, my best solution, for now, is running + 400mg of magnesium + bludgeoning capsule + soothing hypnosis tape + face mask. These prescription drug deaths scare me, though. The heart can't take all these medications and we need to relax.

On a related note, I spent the evening catching up on Breaking Bad. I'm so glad I don't do meth. After Ted's addiction on Queer As Folk, I wouldn't touch the stuff. On BB, the only likeable person on there is Walt's son. The rest are trash (though I love them). I realized that in life and TV, people involved with hardcore drugs are mean. Ever notice that? That world would make me mean, too -- thinking you could be killed, dealing with the dregs of society, looking like hell from a crazy night, having to hide everything.

Now I'm going to catch up on my politics!

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