Saturday, August 25, 2012

Armstrong Armstrong

Legendary spacewalker Neil Armstrong took that giant leap into the hereafter. Now here's someone who achieved greatness. I was one when all the cool space sh*t went down. Now it's old hat. The Curiosity? Yeah, I went to Mars yesterday...on my bike.

The other Armstrong, Lance, chose to cave to the doping charges and let his accusers strip him of his Tour de France medals. The best decision, really. It would have gone on forever and life is too short. Cycling is a beastly sport with soooo much doping and ways to beat the tests. If you know in your heart you won, who needs a medal? He was nasty to my friend so I can't say I'm sad.

Duran Duran canceled their Atlantic City concert tonight because Nick Rhodes is ill and has been for a few days. I'd be sick too with their grueling travel schedule. In fact, I wouldn't last a week. The last twenty-four hours of travel alone have me dizzy. So glad I chose Foxwoods instead...


Anonymous said...

Duran Duran cancelled because they're upset to have disappointed a long-time fan. They'll probably stay sick for a while--appropriately so.

Dish said...

I think you're right. Though, I was more disappointed in myself, which caused DD major upset, affecting the fans and the world.