Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Because Donald Trump Is So Gorgeous!!!

Sir Ginger Combover Red Dye #69 Snapper Donald Trump shot a steaming wad from his piehole, attacking Arianna Huffington for whatever reason. He thinks her husband was right to leave her because she's an uggo. Funny, he said this right around the time Dishcat took a steamer on the carpet and called it breakfast. The hole in the ozone widened just a little more, just as polls laughed at his idea to run for President in 2016. SGC's wives, surely, love him for his poetic soul and daunting charisma, the way his stormy eyes glisten when he sees a child hugging a stuffed bear. It's not the money. He is a beautiful man inside and out*.

Bachelor Pad Observation: The best part about this show is the burgeoning love between evil Kalon and sweet Lindzi. The next best thing is watching the Mensa candidates participate in a spelling bee. What dastardly beings these producers are! Lastly, Ed is a tool. I think we've all dated several versions of him. A faux hawk at his age = lame.

DD Update: They've canceled Ohio gig, which is so understandable. If you're sick, it's the last place you want to be.** Get better, Nick Rhodes. If you have that nasty sore throat/chest/streppy thing, it takes weeks to recover, but a Z-pack antibiotic will wipe out the worst of it. Take a flashlight to the throat for advanced entertainment.

Roger Moore's favorite bond is Daniel Craig. Dish's too! Though Roger is #2 for me.


**Please, PC police and residents of Ohio, allow Dish her hatred of Ohio. It's based on years of concrete experience, including birth which my parents couldn't help. At least I was born in the USA.

Ps. Arianna is hot. And way powerful.

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