Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simon Le Bon Is My Long Lost Brother!

For those who know Dish personally and have met Dishbrother, watch this and just try to convince me that Simon is NOT the spitting image of my brother. Here's how I think it went:

Simon was born in 1958 (an appropriate time before Dishbrother). I doubt very much that Dishmama was involved because she's too young and too virtuous to birth the lead singer of Duran Duran without telling me. So I'll venture that some errant, wicked things occurred on the paternal side -- though this is reaching since they also find pure driven snow to be pornographic.


Dishbrother and I love England and British literature!

As we all know, Simon descended from the French Huguenots, hence the Le Bon BS. I like to think of Huguenots as the Hugue-pleasedo's! The positive outlook is a hallmark of Duran Duran's music--much like Dish's sunny point of view.

Simon Le Bon's lyrics derived from many bong hits? are much like the crazy, secret language--French--Dishbrother and I speak when we want to gossip in front of people.

Big blue eyes, a Dish/Dishbrother/Dishbiologicalfather trademark, are very Le Bon-esque. The French mostly have huge, hypnotic eyes that make you stay out all night drinking. Dishbrother and I have the same effect on people -- though I've been told I drive people to drink and Dishbrother himself enjoys the occasional spirit, but whatever, it's a family affair.

All of this is to say I don't know what a Huguenot is.

Are you convinced?

(It goes without saying that Dishbrother is far better looking and looks way younger than Simon)

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