Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To the Point

Not to use too many notes:

Kris Humphries is doing an elaborate tap dance with divorce proceedings. His 15 minutes are over. Just play basketball, dude. Let the Ks unveil their new performance piece with Kanye. I predict 71 days of marriage.

As I watched the latest nonsensical episode of RHofNY, I realized Sartre would have loved this freak show. First, he'd try to bang all of them. He'd steal their tranquilizers. And the petri dish housing these women is classic No Exit. Only Carole and Heather seem somewhat normal. Though I loves my LuAnn.

Political Animals. May it last forever.

TG and I were pleasantly surprised by Major Crimes. Mary McDonnell is a brilliant actress -- not the scenery chewer that is Brenda Lee but Mary captivates by stealth. We were glued to the screen and eating up her acting chops. Trying to figure out her Botox intake. Regardless, I just love her since Grand Canyon.

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