Thursday, August 02, 2012

Star Sighting--Jeremy Sisto!!!

As friend and hairstylist JJ took his morning constitutional in Central Park, singing to the bunnies, the deer and squirrels and blowing Marlboro smoke up their asses, he saw L&O god Jeremy Sisto (what James Franco should be). He described J.S as "shorter than first thought but CUTE!!!" From JJ, this is a huge compliment because he thinks everyone's rank, except Javier Badem.

Our California vacation is almost at an end. TG has caught the mother of all colds from surfing in the Pacific. I only have one more post to do from this IPad. It's hard to troll for gossip, too.

As sure as Justin Theroux wears skinny jeans, I am disappointed by new celebrity romance. Not more than a couple miles away, Katy Perry allegedly snuggled up to John Mayer, which is a step down even from Russell Brand. Then again, anyone is a step down from Katy. Maybe she should find herself a hot nerd, a la Dan Futterman.

TG and I are watching The End starring and directed by Burt Reynolds, a classic example of why you should avoid directing yourself.

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