Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unless You Live Under a Rock...

...You know that the biggest story is about Prince Harry baring his gingey-self to the world and making the royal family a laughing stock yet again. Though, big whoop. Dish sorta feels that this was the next logical step after the swastika on his Halloween costume. Don't let the world take away your spunk, Prince Harry. You are bold, insane and prone to exhibitionist behavior. (Nice ass!)

This is a pretty amazing video from L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson. If he's also a myth, he's an articulate one. And a redhead! Thanks, Dishbrothersidekick, for the clip.

There are rumors that David Strathairn will be Kelly Ripa's cohost. Okay. No? Oh, Michael Strahan. I see now.

Dish's Review on the TV miniseries 10.5 (live streaming on Netflix): Only Kim Delaney is smart enough to save the California coastline. The Golden Gate bridge is wavering like Dish post-1/2aglassofscotch, sending cars in the ocean. I think I heard one car honk as it went down. Thank the Lord for Kim. Her idea is to set off Nuclear warheads to fuse the San Andreas fault. I can almost hear her giggle as she proposes this extreme measure to the President's envoy. Meanwhile Bo Duke is off in the hills caring for his asthmatic daughter, narrowly escaping burial in California sand. His ex-wife, the governor, holds back tears as she relays the tragic news, even more tragic since she can't get in touch with her family. Beau Bridges plays the President and he doesn't care if we've done 100%, let's do 200$ to save the people. Fred Ward pulls a Bruce Willis in Armageddon but, still, a small part of California becomes an island -- but, oh, the beauty and horror of Mother Nature. I know, TOTALLY AWESOME! Laughed and cried all the way through.


Sam said...

Prince Harry - yum!

L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson - OMG! You see - he said Tom Cruise can't leave Scientology even if he wanted to because they "have his confessions on tape." And to what did he confess? Was it the wrestling with sexy men in singlets? Hmmmm?

Dish said...

Nicole Kidman hinted that it would blow our minds if we know what went on in her marriage, so I'm sure Tom *must* stay in the Relige or his career is over (though I'd take it more seriously, actually). I'm waiting for Tom's "aw, f*ck it" moment where he bares all, but not the way Prince Harry did.